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A UK trademark registration can be subject to action for revocation for non-use, five years after registration. A UK trademark registration can last forever, but it has to be renewed every 10 years. Note: in the UK one refers to a “trade mark” (two words) whereas in the US and Canada it is “trademark” one word. For simplicity and Word or figurative trademark – which one is better? It means that each one of them turns out to be better in specified situations. Therefore nobody but you must make a decision about the form of protection of your trademark. If you have a unique name… WORD trademark protects the meaning of the word (words) itself apart from the graphic designs. You can imagine that by combining two radio

19 Jan 2018 You know you've made it when you're known by just one name or word; when a single spoken breath can trigger everything about you in the  In other words, as far as both trademarks are concerned there is a dominant composite trade mark may, in certain circumstances, be dominated by one or. When you use one or more words, without any artistic design elements, it is a Word Trademark law prevents registration of marks that are too descriptive of the  4 Dec 2019 For one, it isn't unique. For two, the word is and has been used in literature since roughly the time that man created literature. Now, before we  Not all words and pictures can be protected as marks for products and services. To be protectable, the mark must be capable of distinguishing one company's products or Two other categories have been named for purposes of analyzing the  Apple - likely the most well known example of the ability to trademark a word that. One example that I like to give to clients is that of Apple Inc., the famous haven't checked to make sure that it isn't too similar to another registered trademark? 4, 2008) (“When a compound word mark is formed by hyphenating two words or terms, one of which would be unregistrable, the mark is deemed unitary and no 

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The standard used by the USPTO to determine whether an applicant’s mark conflicts with a prior registration (or prior application) is essentially the same as the standard used by federal courts to determine trademark infringement: Likelihood of Co Changing a Trademark From One Word to Two, or Two Words to ... Sometimes, the company or person is planning on using one form of a mark but then when the product actually goes to market, the form changes. Many times, I’ve seen a mark get filed as one word or as two words and then need to be switched to two words or one word, respectively. Can I register a two word trademark (US) if a company ...

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How to use "trademark" in a sentence Two photofits have been issued of him, one with his trademark sunglasses and one without. At left, Beavon applies the trademark Monroe beauty mark to her cheek in preparation for a public appearance. According to the Beijing News, the two joint ventures will have … What Can and What Cannot be Trademarked - Startup Savant

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Feb 01, 2003 · In two recent decisions, the Colombian Trademark Office held that a registrable trademark can consist of a combination of descriptive terms, provided that the combination as a whole does not refer exclusively to a quality or essential characteristic of the associated product or service. Can you trademark the phrase "Let's roll"? Feb 27, 2002 · The Todd M. Beamer Foundation, established in the name of one of the heroes of Flight 93, wants to trademark Beamer’s famous last words: “Let’s roll.”Can it do that? Maybe. Common words Words or a Logo or Both in a Trademark Application? - Eric ... Mar 19, 2014 · This is effective when the logo includes the words of the mark (e.g. Starbucks Logo). However it also can be effective if the logo and words are adjacent one another (e.g. “Nike”combined with the Swoosh). Either way, the distinctiveness of the logo should protect the trademark from being considered merely descriptive by the Trademark Office.

But usually if your script is more than just a standard font that you can find on your computer, and your name is relatively distinctive, so people can remember, you want to file it as two separate trademarks. One will be just the words and the other will be just the design.

Feb 05, 2011 · In other words, the official fees for filing a series trademark application are less than the fees for filing two standard applications. If you do want to register more than one variation of your trademark, it obviously makes sense to do that if you can, especially when you factor in that there’s technically no limit on the number of

25 Jan 2018 While one- or two-word marks may be distinctive in a trademark sense, their distinctiveness may yet not be sufficient to prevent common uses  2 Aug 2018 With 6.7 million trademarks out there -- sigh -- it's getting hard to find something Instead of trying to find a word or two words that sum up your entire brand, We need a fresh, modern name that captures one of our key ideas  1 Mar 2016 It should be capable of distinguishing the goods or services of one undertaking from The best trademarks are invented words or coined words or unique Also, where two or more persons have registered identical or nearly  Start your trademark search on the US Patent and Trademark Office's "TESS" Look for word/number substitutions "4" for "for", "2" for "to" or "too", etc. You can use the wildcard characters $, $n or ? to represent one or more optional  6 Jan 2014 On one hand you have trademarks like Xerox, a term which is often term which was at best, a combination of two popular English words.